St George’s Day Meeting

Wednesday 25th April was a special night for Derbyshire Freemasonry and a special night for Spencer Lodge in particular.
It was their annual St George’s Day Meeting, their 41st St George’s Day Meeting to be precise. The Lodge being consecrated on St George’s Day, it’s always close to Spencer Lodges heart.
Present were two of their founding members.
The Ceremony was a Second Degree which was carried out by Past Masters of the Lodge.
An excellent evening was had by all who attended both during the Ceremony and at the Festive Board.

IPM visits Cantelupe

On Friday night our Immediate Past Master, decided not to drink wine in the sunshine and chose to lick himself indoors and visit Cantelupe Lodge instead.
It was an Initiation, and the Candidate was actually the nephew of the Senior Deacon.
The Lodge had obviously put a lot of hard work into practicing the Ceremony as there was some excellent ritual, some of which was from some of the junior Brethren.
A great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry and a great night for our IPM who bumped into one of his old school friends.

Hartington visit Byron Lodge

Our Worshipful Master, visited Byron Lodge over at Mansfield on Thursday 5th April.
Here he witnessed a double Initiation, with one of the candidates being Initiated by his Dad. He had an excellent night and did the Visitors Response for the first time at the Festive Board.

(L to R)
Hartington WM, 1st Initiate, 2nd Initiate and the 2nd Initiates Father.

Hartington April Meeting

The first Wednesday in April saw a break in tradition for Hartington Lodge, having just a short business meeting starting at 18:00 instead of the usual 18:15.
The reason for this was to make way for a special meeting of Cornucopia Lodge, where a Lecture was presented to the Derbyshire Brethren on Prostate cancer.
The blood bikes were also present who carry out a very worthy cause of transporting blood around the Province.