Craft and The Holy Royal Arch

Last night our IPM and newest member of The Lodge attended Royal Sussex Lodge at Burton-On-Trent, Derbyshire for an interesting night of Freemasonry.

Excellent Companions Graeme Hutchinson – Deputy Grand Superintendent for Derbyshire and Excellent Companion Tony Harvey gave a very interesting talk on why members of the Craft should complete their journey in Pure Ancient Freemasonry. All who attended found the presentation both interesting and enjoyable and allowed the Brethren to discover that indissoluble link between the two degrees.

Afterwards the 70 attendees sat down for the Festive Board where we were entertained by a brass band playing Christmas Carols.

It was a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry.

2 thoughts on “Craft and The Holy Royal Arch”

  1. I am sure it was an excellent event with an excellent talk… although my ‘Mother Lodge’ – Liversage and ‘Mother’ Chapter’ – Burlington are in Derbyshire I have lived down ‘Souff’ for several years and am heavily involved in London. Surrey & Sussex and am fortunate to often meet up with E. Comp Tony Harvey, who does a brilliant talk on whatever Masonic subject

  2. Thanks for the message. You’ll have to let us know if you get back to Derbyshire and we could try and visit too……always nice to put a name to a face. After joining a London Lodge myself. Yes Tony’s talks are excellent.

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