Could we ask for your help in raising money for the Movember Charity? To those of you that don’t know Movember is a Charity, which raises money for all Mens Health issues, whether that be Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Mens Mental Health or any other male related illness. 
Statistically too many men die at too young an age, because they are too proud to talk about their health issues. Movember has been going for quite a few years now and is all about raising this awareness and raising money for mens health. This is an organisation close to my heart, having had male friends relatives, finding themselves in these situations.
With this in mind I was wondering whether I could ask as many members as possible to sign up to Team Derbyshire Freemasons and get involved in the event. You can Grow a Mo, to save a Bro! If you’re not wanting to grow a mo, you can sign up and pledge to do some exercise every day for the month of November and get sponsored for your troubles. You are able to sponsor on this website as well, if the bank balance permits.
Derbyshire Freemasons have joined in for the past few years and we have raised substantial amounts of money, considering we’ve not had the support of a large team, which I feel shows the generosity of our organisation. It would be great if Team Derbyshire Freemasons, could get higher in the Rankings of the National Sponsorship Table in our Tercentenary year and really show the public what Freemasonry is all about.
If you are able to join the cause by Growing a Mo to save a Bro, or pledging to exercise it would be great to have you as part of the team.

Burlington Raising

Monday Night saw Burlington Lodge Raise one of their members to the Degree of a Master Mason.
The ceremony was carried out by a number of accomplished ritualists, giving those present the chance to witness various people’s work.
A lot of hard work must have gone in to this and on behalf of those present we’d like to thank you for it, as a most enjoyable evening was had by all.

Royal Alfred 1028 WM Initiates his son

Tuesday Evening was a special evening for Royal Alfred Lodge No 1028, which saw its Worshipful Master Bro James Shaw Initiate his son in exemplary manner.
Carrying out an Initiation as a Master is special in its self, but for the candidate to be your own Son must be an excellent experience.
The Worshipful Masters ritual was faultless and so was that of all other Officers who took part in the ceremony. The brethren of Royal Alfred put on an excellent evening. 
A number of visitors were present, including quite a few Masters in the Chair, who are all part of the ‘Association of Tercentenary Masters’ or the ‘ATM Gang’.
The Festive Board was thoroughly enjoyable too, eating in the new Dining Rooms at Alfreton Masonic Hall.
All in all at great night was had by all who were present.

Harrington Lodge No 5098 welcomes Lodge Glittering Star No 322 IC

Friday night saw three Brethren (WM, PM & EA) from Hartington Lodge 1085, visit Harrington Lodge 5098 over at Long Eaton Masonic Hall, for a very short meeting. The Worshipful Master opened, carried out the Business of the Lodge and closed in excellent fashion!
The Lodge then welcomed a number of members of Glittering Star Lodge where they carried out an Exemplification of a First Degree Ceremony Irish Constitution, after Balloting for a joining member.
The Ceremony was both interesting and informative to all who witnessed it. A lot could be learnt from this, in the way they gave a lot of explanations of the ceremony, to the candidate.
An enjoyable evening was had, by all who were present!

Bro Dan's Passing and Bro Geoff's 50th!

Wednesday 4th October saw Hartington Lodge Pass Bro Daniel Illsley to the Second Degree.
The Lodge was supported by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. Ian Copestake, the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary W. Bro. Martyn Bailey, a number of Grand Lodge Officers, eleven Brethren from Spencer Lodge and visiting Masters.
The Lodge was opened by Bro. Peter Walklate – Worshipful Master of Hartington Lodge 1085 and Brother Illsley was Passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft, assisted by the IPM W. Bro. Mark Campbell.
Once the Ceremony had concluded, the APGM gave an Account of Bro Geoff’s (who is also a Founding Member of Spencer Lodge) history and 50 years in Freemasonry. Although travelling extensively throughout his career, he has always remained loyal to the Craft. The 50 years Certificate was then read out by the ProvAGS on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master – Arthur Steven Varley.
All in all a great night was had by everyone.