Apollo University Lodge No 357 Raising

On Saturday four of our Members travelled south to go and visit Oxford, but more importantly Apollo 357.

This was one of the Universities Scheme visits – organised by Worshipful Brother Daniel Hayward and also organised as part of the New and Young Masons Clubs.

Hartington 1085 was represented by the Worshipful Master, Immediate Past Master and two of our more junior Brethren (two Stewards).

It started off with a couple of drinks in the Oxford Students Union, then a short walk to the Macdonald Randolph Hotel to watch two Brothers being Raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

After the ceremony we were treated to a Champagne reception and a tasty Festive Board.

Following this, it was back to the Students Union for a few more drinks, then off to a couple of clubs in Oxford.

An excellent day was had by all………..same time again next year?

Three members en route.

David and Peter in their way to the Union.

The Randolph Hotel.

IPM, WM and Steward in the Union.

Hartington 1085 and their new friend.

Hartington, before the start of the meeting.

Hartington 1085 at the Champagne reception.

Ready for the start of the Festive Board.

One of the speaches (in French no less).

Hartington 1085 and Apollo 357’s JW.

Hartington WM, 2018 Prestonian Lecturer, IPM, Apollo 357 WM, two Hartington 1085 Stewards and last, but by no means least W. Bro Hayward (the instigator).

David and his new German friend.

David and Peter back in the Union.

Their WM and our IPM

Our IPM in his study.

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