Hartington Lodge, head West.

On Saturday our Worshipful Master, accompanied by his Immediate Past Master, header across the border into the neighbouring Province of Staffordshire. Neither of them got a nose bleed and they both had an excellent time.

It started by bumping into the IPM’s good friend David Thomas, who happens to be the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, but also a founding member of the Universities Lodge of Staffordshire No 9907, the Lodge they were visiting!

There were a number of Brethren present on this cold Saturday afternoon to witness a double Initiation of Mr Molloi and Mr Lovatt.

Here the candidates are pictured with the Worshipful Master.

There was also a joining member of the Lodge, who had made the journey from Gibraltar, who later delivered the Working Tools to our new Brothers in exemplary manner.

There were a few unique moments which both the WM and IPM passed comment on and thought it was a really nice touch, it would be lovely if we could take these ideas back to Derbyshire.

The ceremony was of exceptional standards and the Lodge and Province should be very proud.

Being one of our Worshipful Masters last visits, before he hands the Office over, it wouldn’t be right, that he didn’t get the infamous ‘hand on the shoulder’ at the Festive Board. He offered his thanks and conveyed the thoughts of every other visitor present and expressed what a wonderful day we’d all had.

The Festive Board, was of the same high standards as the Ceremony, and we were treated to some lovely food and excellent company.

There was some excellent singing from their Worshipful Master, who obviously has a great set of lungs on him and they also carry out the Initiates Chain, which is a lovely demonstration of Brotherly Love and sums up Freemasonry nicely.

Universities Lodge of Staffordshire, we’ll be back and next time in force!

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