Prestonian Lecture 2018

Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters met on Wednesday evening for the first official presentation of the Prestonian Lecture 2018.
The Lecture was both informative and entertaining and a number of the Brethren present showed interest in writing the sequel to it…… this space!
Three new members joined the Lodge and I think six more were proposed! All in all it was a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry in general, but more importantly the Derbyshire Lodge of a Installed Masters in particular.
There were a number of people present including the Provincial Grand Master, Assistant Grand Master, three Prestonian Lecturers, present and past, and ten Association of Tercentenary Masters.

The picture above shows the three Prestonian Lecturers.

This picture shows the three Prestonian Lecturers as well as ten Association of Tercentenary Masters.

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