Universally Challenged

Friday night saw the first of the Universally Challenged quizzes, organised by UGLE’s University Scheme.

It was a wonderful evening, with over eighty people participating, including Sir David Wootton, the Assistant Grand Master, Dr David Staples, the Grand Secretary and Chief Executive of UGLE and James Hilditch, the Provincial Grand Master of Oxfordshire, to name but a few.

There were nine rounds of five questions, with the subjects of general knowledge, sports, hobbies and games, history, geography, popular culture, music and trivia.

The results were as follows:

45 London Management

43 ULS Staffordshire

43           Hotspur Lodge 

43           City of Lancaster Lodge 

43           University of Liverpool 

43           Province of East Kent 

41           Apollo Lodge 

40           Hartington Lodge 

37           Province of Norfolk 

37           Old MancunIans with Mount Sinai 

36           Province of Durham 

35           Yorkshire, West Riding 

34           Southampton 

34           Surrey and Sussex 

34           Lodge of Chisel 

33           Iron Bridge Lodge 

31           Leadership team – The A-Team 

29           Blockley Lodge 

28.5        St David’s Lodge 

22           Collegiate Lodge 

15 Cumberland Lodge

Hartington Lodge came in at a respectable fourth position with a score of 40 points.

A great evening was had by all who attended and thanks must go to those who organised it. Looking forward to the next event.

James Hilditch – Chairman of the Universities Scheme.
Peter Hughes – Quiz Master extraordinaire.
A shot of all the participants.
The trophy, which will soon be winging its way to London.

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