Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

During the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline leaving party Hartington lodge 1085 were pleased to present a cheque for 1200 pounds.

This will go a long way towards allowing the Derby and Burton Link to host another set of children in 2020.

The cheque was presented by David Greenway the Lodges Charity Steward.

The children and members of the link gave a big thank you to all the members of the lodge for their fundraising efforts.

Hartington’s last meet before the summer

Last Wednesday was Hartington Lodge 1085’s last meeting before we broke up for the summer.

We were graced with ten visitors, who as always were made to feel most welcome, one of whom was Worshipful Brother Tony Harvey PAGDC, who had come to deliver his talk “Is the Belief in a Supreme Being Really Necessary”. Although the talk has only just been written by Tony, as always it proved both informative and thought provoking. The talk concluded with quite an interesting questions and answer session, which Tony seemed to have been looking forward to.

The Festive Board was quite a social affair with a number of Brethren drinking until quite late on.

It was a great evening, great end to the year and a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry.

See you all in October.

Apollo University Lodge No 357 Raising

On Saturday four of our Members travelled south to go and visit Oxford, but more importantly Apollo 357.

This was one of the Universities Scheme visits – organised by Worshipful Brother Daniel Hayward and also organised as part of the New and Young Masons Clubs.

Hartington 1085 was represented by the Worshipful Master, Immediate Past Master and two of our more junior Brethren (two Stewards).

It started off with a couple of drinks in the Oxford Students Union, then a short walk to the Macdonald Randolph Hotel to watch two Brothers being Raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

After the ceremony we were treated to a Champagne reception and a tasty Festive Board.

Following this, it was back to the Students Union for a few more drinks, then off to a couple of clubs in Oxford.

An excellent day was had by all………..same time again next year?

Three members en route.

David and Peter in their way to the Union.

The Randolph Hotel.

IPM, WM and Steward in the Union.

Hartington 1085 and their new friend.

Hartington, before the start of the meeting.

Seated, ready for the start of the Ceremony.

Hartington 1085 at the Champagne reception.

Ready for the start of the Festive Board.

One of the speaches (in French no less).

Hartington 1085 and Apollo 357’s JW.

Hartington WM, 2018 Prestonian Lecturer, IPM, Apollo 357 WM, two Hartington 1085 Stewards and last, but by no means least W. Bro Hayward (the instigator).

David and his new German friend.

David and Peter back in the Union.

Their WM and our IPM

Our IPM in his study.

Day drinks at the Union.

Derbyshire Festival Essentials Event

Last Thursday was the Festival Essentials Event at Pride Park.

The event was aimed at Charity Stewards, Festival Stewards and Worshipful Masters of the Lodge and it was hoped all Lodges in the Province would attend.

The evening started with paying our respect to those who took part in the D Day Landings to mark the 75th Anniversary.

Surhail Alam, of the Masonic Charitable Foundation was in attendance, who gave an informative overview of what the MCF was all about and how it has a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives and ways in which we’re able to raise more money from our donations.

The Provincial Grand Master announced that we have already raised £262,000 towards our target, whilst still donating to local charities.

An enjoyable evening was had by all those in attendance.

St Werburga Lodge

Well these last couple of weeks have been busy, considering we’re supposed to be winding down for the summer break.

Last Friday our IPM visited St Werburga Lodge to see his friend Rob Ingram conduct his first – Third Degree.

Rob’s currently in the Chair for his second year and this is the first opportunity his Lodge and the Province have seen him perform. All I can say is, we’ve all been missing out! Do I detect a possible Silver Matchbox contender in the making?!

It was a great ceremony and he did everyone proud. He was also well supported by his fellow ATM.

The ATM gang at St Werburga

Hartington visit Tyrian Lodge

Tuesday night saw our IPM visit Tyrian Lodge No 253, for a Raising of Brother A. P. Broadist. The ceremony was carried out by the Worshipful Master Brother Rob Walmsley and an excellent time was had by all.

The IPM wasn’t actually booked in for the Festive Board, as he’d missed the cut-off with the Assistant Secretary. However, he still managed to secure a place at the Festive Board, where he had to respond on behalf of the visitors. Despite being surrounded by a number of Aston Villa fans he still had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It was also nice seeing the toast to the Worshipful Master given by the Senior Warden, who happens to be his Father.

Hartington Lodge No 1085 – Initiation

Back from Hartington Lodge where we Initiated Brother Adam Bestwick.

Brother Adam had been Proposed by W. Bro. Peter Walklate and Seconded by Bro. David Jennings.

Harrington Lodge was graced by numerous visitors and a number of visiting Masters all of whom had an enjoyable evening…….we believe.

A great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry in general, and Hartington Lodge in particular.

Worshipful Brother John Rooks tickling the ivories!

A number of Hartington Lodge members and officers.

(L-R) Brother David Jennings (Seconder),

Brother Adam Bestwick (Initiate),

Worshipful Brother Peter Walklate (Proposer),

Worshipful Brother Craig Whittle (Worshipful Master)

A few from the Festive Board

Hartington do Trisantona

Hartington Lodge’s IPM made a visit to Trisantona Lodge 3962 to hear a talk by a good friend of his – W. Bro. M. Maxted.

The talk was entitled – “What every EA should know – but is seldom told”

This was based on a Lecture from a Canadian Mason from around 1995 (if my memory serves me correctly – it seldom does). W. Bro. Maxted re-wrote the talk as a lot of it was relevant for UGLE.

There were a number of younger Masons present who had come to hear the talk and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Thanks must also go to W. Bro. D. Osborne for his hospitality and the members of Trisantona for theirs.

Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire

Saturday saw the Annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire. Freemasons from all over the country gathered together to see a number of Brethren be given Provincial Appointments and also the launch of the 2025 Derbyshire Festival.

This was also an opportunity to purchase the new Derbyshire Festival Tie.

A target has been set by the Provincial Grand Master to raise £1.5 million for the Masonic Charitable Foundation and it was a great surprise to find out that we’ve already raised over £150,000.

The new tie is being modelled by three of the Province who were selling it on the morning.

Our Senior Warden, Worshipful Master and Immediate Past Master, all wearing their new ties.

The temple starting to fill up before the proceedings started.

As can be seen from the photos, it was a packed temple and an enjoyable time was had by all those who attended.

The after proceedings concluded with the Festive Board and a couple of sociable drinks in the bar!

Hartington Lodge – Raising

Wednesday 3rd April was a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry in general, but Hartington Lodge in particular.

The evening started off with a successful ballot, for a new Initiate. His Proposer and Seconder can be seen below. He will be Initiated into Hartington Lodge on Wednesday 1st May, if anyone’s interested?

Next we welcomed our newest joining member Brother Adam, from Duchess of Portland Lodge in our neighbouring Province of Nottinghamshire. He can be seen below with his Proposer and our Worshipful Master.

The evening concluded with the Raising of Brother Ian Johnson, carried out in an exemplary manner, by our Worshipful Master and a delegation of Past Masters. He can be seen below being congratulated by the Worshipful Master.

The final part of the evening was a tasty Festive Board, where we had pie. Our Worshipful Master likes his pie!

A great night for Derbyshire a Freemasonry in general.