Hartington Lodge – Raising

Wednesday 3rd April was a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry in general, but Hartington Lodge in particular.

The evening started off with a successful ballot, for a new Initiate. His Proposer and Seconder can be seen below. He will be Initiated into Hartington Lodge on Wednesday 1st May, if anyone’s interested?

Next we welcomed our newest joining member Brother Adam, from Duchess of Portland Lodge in our neighbouring Province of Nottinghamshire. He can be seen below with his Proposer and our Worshipful Master.

The evening concluded with the Raising of Brother Ian Johnson, carried out in an exemplary manner, by our Worshipful Master and a delegation of Past Masters. He can be seen below being congratulated by the Worshipful Master.

The final part of the evening was a tasty Festive Board, where we had pie. Our Worshipful Master likes his pie!

A great night for Derbyshire a Freemasonry in general.

Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters

Wednesday 27th March was a great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry, but for Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters in particular.

As always the meetings are very short, as the main purpose of the evening is to receive a talk.

March was no exception and we received a talk from W. Bro. A. R. Baker, entitled “What makes Bristol so special”. W. Bro. Baker is an esteemed Mason, being a Past Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, so he’s all too familiar with presenting Lectures and very interesting it was too.

The Lodge was well supported, but unfortunately the Worshipful Master wasn’t able to attend, having had an operation on his foot.

Present were a number of the Association of Tercentenary Masters (shown below). One of which being our Immediate Past Master. They are pictured with W. Bro. Baker (centre).

The sword

The last Regular meeting of Hartington Lodge, saw an informative talk on “The Sword” by Worshipful Brother Steve Fraser-Burton, an ex-Officer of The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment.

The talk was very interesting and captured the attention of all those present and also proved quite an emotional evening, with the odd heart warming story.

Three joining members were also balloted for successfully, one of whom was present and admitted that evening.

The meeting concluded with a Proposal for a Candidate and a tasty Festive Board.

All in all it was a great evening.

Hartington WM visits Ecclesburne

A visit to ecclesburne lodge 2425 saw the initiation of bro Chris Hope the other Monday night, even more special as the worshipful master is also his Father, WBro Jim Hope. Virtually capacity crowd in the lodge and festive board. Great time had by all.

Hartington Lodge Installation

On Wednesday 6th January was Hartington Lodges Installation, where Craig Whittle was Installed for his second year as Worshipful Master.

The Lodge took the decision to do this, so as to slow down the progression of the Junior Brethren and fill gaps within the Offices.

We were honoured to have the Provincial Grand Junior Warden with us for the evening, the Personal Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, along with a number of other Officers including the Provincial Charity Steward and Provincial Almoner. A brief talk was given highlighting the fourth-coming Derbyshire 2025 Festival, which is soon to launch, raising money for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

A fun evening was had by all who attended.

Hartington Lodge Officers who were in attendance
Hartington Lodge – Principal Officers


WM and SW Visit Mundy Grove

A visit to mundy grove lodge 506, saw the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden see the installing master W.Bro Barresford put W.Bro McPhee into the chair of King Solomon, a good time was had by all.

The Lodge was well attended by 11 Masters in the chair plus other guests.

Hartington do Leicester

Before the festive holidays Brothers Ian Johnson, Daniel Illsley and Marco Echeverria attended an Initiation ceremony at the Sir John Corah Lodge No. 7736 in Leicester.

The lodge were very welcoming to the visitors and after the ceremony gave them a tour of the masonic hall which was truly breath-taking.

The festive board was Christmas themed, involved Santa hats and songs and was a fabulous evening. The Brothers are already on about going back next Christmas.

Hartington Lodge January Meeting

Back on January 2nd, when a lot of people were still recovering from the New Year celebrations, Hartington Lodge were getting together for their first meeting of 2019.

It was an enjoyable evening and among some of the visitors were Steve Jones the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Derbyshire, along with five members of the Association of Tercentenary Masters or ATM. The APGM, came bearing gifts of recently rolled cigars, from his recent visit to Cuba. These cigars are destined for some members of The Porchway Club, a recently formed group, for new and young Masons within the Province of Derbyshire.

The main reason for the meeting was to Pass Brother Ian Johnson to the Degree of a Fellowcraft. Brother Johnson did the Lodge proud and had clearly put a lot of work into his part of the ceremony.

An enjoyable evening was had by all.

Initiation for Arboretum Lodge

A few weeks back, was an important night for Arboretum Lodge in Derbyshire and for Paul Baldwin who was Initiated into Freemasonry in particular.

For those that don’t know he’s our trusty barman at Derby Masonic Hall, Littleover, so is at The Grange most evenings anyway.

Below he is is seen with Hartington Lodge Worshipful Master Craig Whittle.

I think the most important photo has to be the one below with out Worshipful Master again, but more importantly his Father, Eddie Baldwin – who is also another familiar face at The Grange.