IPM attends Royal Sussex Lodge

On Monday evening our Immediate Past Master attended the Royal Sussex Lodge No 353, to see his friend Chris Hill Installed as their Worshipful Master.

It was an early start and the roads were chaotic, never the less he managed to stealthily sneak into the Lodge without causing too much of a scene.

It was an excellent ceremony carried out by the Officers and everyone enjoyed it who was in attendance.

Chris was Installed into the Chair and looked in his place at the helm of this old and well respected Lodge.

After the ceremony Past Masters are then asked back to the temple, to take part in another special ceremony, something he’d never seen before, well not at this point anyway.

At the Festive Board the Worshipful Master proved a great host and looked after his guests in their entirety. We also enjoyed a lovely meal.

We retired to the bar for a few more drinks, that went on into the late hours of the evening, partly because another member ran off with the wrong regalia case, which happened to contain our IPMs keys. No worry though Charlie came to the rescue!

All in all, an excellent night was had by all.

Chris will be attending Harrington’s Installation in a little over a week, possibly his first………so no pressure Brethren!

Peter Walklate and Chris Hill enjoying a few drinks.

A few of the ATM members present on the evening. There were more, but they escaped before we could grab a photo!

Hartington Lodge, head West.

On Saturday our Worshipful Master, accompanied by his Immediate Past Master, header across the border into the neighbouring Province of Staffordshire. Neither of them got a nose bleed and they both had an excellent time.

It started by bumping into the IPM’s good friend David Thomas, who happens to be the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, but also a founding member of the Universities Lodge of Staffordshire No 9907, the Lodge they were visiting!

There were a number of Brethren present on this cold Saturday afternoon to witness a double Initiation of Mr Molloi and Mr Lovatt.

Here the candidates are pictured with the Worshipful Master.

There was also a joining member of the Lodge, who had made the journey from Gibraltar, who later delivered the Working Tools to our new Brothers in exemplary manner.

There were a few unique moments which both the WM and IPM passed comment on and thought it was a really nice touch, it would be lovely if we could take these ideas back to Derbyshire.

The ceremony was of exceptional standards and the Lodge and Province should be very proud.

Being one of our Worshipful Masters last visits, before he hands the Office over, it wouldn’t be right, that he didn’t get the infamous ‘hand on the shoulder’ at the Festive Board. He offered his thanks and conveyed the thoughts of every other visitor present and expressed what a wonderful day we’d all had.

The Festive Board, was of the same high standards as the Ceremony, and we were treated to some lovely food and excellent company.

There was some excellent singing from their Worshipful Master, who obviously has a great set of lungs on him and they also carry out the Initiates Chain, which is a lovely demonstration of Brotherly Love and sums up Freemasonry nicely.

Universities Lodge of Staffordshire, we’ll be back and next time in force!

Association of Tercentenary Masters – Ladies Night

Last night our Immediate Past Master and his wife attended the Annual Ladies Night of the Association of Tercentenary Masters!

The ATM are a group of Freemasons who were all in the Chair of their Lodge, during 2017. This was the 300th year, of the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Our ATM Social Secretary, even treated us to some poetry, which was warmly received by the members and their partners.

The Ladies Evening was held at the Bentley Brook Inn, Fenny Bentley, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. We were looked after superbly, by the staff of the pub and treated to some lovely food and drink.An enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance.

An enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance.

Hartington Lodge – Initiation

On Monday evening Hartington Lodge, Initiated their first Candidate of 2020.

To those more observant readers our meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month. However, with that falling on New Years Day, we had to move our meeting by dispensation from the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, who graced us with his presence for the meeting.

As in Hartington Tradition, the January meeting is always a Past Masters night.

The Past Masters took their rightful positions in Office and Initiated Mr David Johnston, who had been regularly proposed and balloted for on a previous occasion.

An enjoyable evening was had by all who attended, including the Provincial Grand Master and 23 other visitors.

A great night for Derbyshire Freemasonry, but Hartington Lodge in particular.

Unity Lodge Initiation

Back in December 2019, which seems and was an age ago, our Immediate Past Master attended Unity Lodge for an Initiation.

It was a special night, not only because he secured himself a lift with one of the Tercentenary Masters and was able to have a few beers, but because it was the Initiation of his Nieces Father, who he’s known for many years.

On arrival he also bumped into another Hartington Lodge member, so knew it was going to be a great evening right from the start.

Chris the candidate was excellent, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. It was quite an emotional night for him as we’d arranged for his best friend to be there too, totally unaware.

It was a great evening and an excellent way to break up, before the Christmas period.

Hartington do Gibraltar

On Wednesday 20th November, a small contingency of Brethren with respective partners flew out to Gibraltar, twenty eight people in total.

The aim of the trip was to visit and witness the Installation of the new Master at the United Service Lodge, based there.

A fantastic time was had by all, food, drink and plenty of laughs.

Bring on next year!

Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters

This time last week was the November meeting of Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters.

A large number of Freemasons were present to hear a very enlightening talk, entitled ‘The Permanent Way – Freemasonry and the Railways’.

The talk was presented by Worshipful Brother Kerrion Marsh and spoke about the links between the railway and Freemasonry.

The lecture was very interesting, especially as it was presented in Derbyshire, a County famed for its rail industry and Freemasonry!

Hartington Lodge IPM and another Tercentenary Master

W. Bro Kerrion Marsh and our IPM.

Bretby Lodge No 9063 – Installation

Last night two of our members attended Bretby Lodge for their Installation. Brothers Jack Anthony (who is a member) and Peter Walklate.

It was an emotional evening for some Neil Simnett the Lodge Secretary gave the toast to the Master Andrew Higson, who have known each other for a number of years through kick boxing. The out-going Master John Haynes, Andrews Seconder, having had two years as Master, due to the very sad Passing of his Brother Steve, who would have naturally followed in succession.

The ceremony was excellently lead by John, who allowed Neil to carry out the Inner Workings, with him being the Master Elects The Festive Board, was a typical Bretby affair, with a lot of banter, drinking and fun.

Paul Foster the Provincial Junior Warden, was the Officer in Attendance and the personal representative of the Provincial Grand Master. He gave some great Publicity for the Movember Charity and raised quite a bit of sponsorship money. Thank you Brethren for your generosity, even if Paul was ridiculed for his Mo!

The Festive Board, was a typical Bretby affair, with a lot of banter, drinking and fun.

A great night was had by all the members and the visitors were well cared for.

Peter Walklate and Paul Foster both supporting Movember!

Cameraman’s camera got hi-jacked.

The Masters Seconder, the newly Installed Master and his Proposer.

Universities Scheme Conference 2019

On Saturday, Peter Walklate, our Universities Scheme Representative attended the Universities Scheme Conference at Christleton (Cheshire View).

It was a very informative and enjoyable day with approximately 180 Masons present, all with a common interest – the Universities Scheme.

There were a number of Grand Lodge Officers, including David Kenneth Williamson, Sir David Hugh Wootton, Julian Soper, Andy Green, all of whom have a lot to do with the Universities Scheme and Freemasonry in general.

Our IPM had an in-depth conversation with David Roberts-Jones, the Assistant Grand Chancellor, who was keen to hear how Hartington Lodge No 1085, was getting on with the scheme. He seemed to think we were doing a good job and seemed impressed with how we were recruiting and getting along.

He also had the opportunity to speak with David Thomas, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire and Nick Thomas the East Midlands Regional Co-ordinator for the scheme.

There were numerous different seminars throughout the day, and it was difficult trying to decide which ones to attend. All the seminars that were attended, were very well received and very thought provoking.

Both of the Ladies Freemasonry Organisations were also represented this year. The Order of Women Freemasons and The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons. The reason being, they too have a lot to do with the Universities Scheme and often attend with the male organisations at the Freshers Fairs.

The Province of Cheshire should be very proud of their venue and all attendees were looked after extremely well.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and very interesting.

Remembrance Parade

Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday and as always Derbyshire Freemasonry was represented well at Repton – The Historic Capital of Mercia.

Approximately twenty one Freemasons were present, from various Lodges all over the Province of Derbyshire.

We all met at The Royal British Legion with a number of other Uniformed Organisations and marched down to St Wystan’s Church.

The service was informative and enjoyable, even though we were all there to Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

We then laid our wreaths and Marched back to the Legion for refreshments.