Hartington conduct Raising on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326

Last night, Hartington Lodge No 1085 in the Province of Derbyshire, conducted a Raising for Brother Christopher Keresztury. This was carried out on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326, at Derbyshire Freemasons Hall.

Unfortunately a number of the members were unable to attend, due to illness, so a number of Officers stepped in to assist.

The Lodge was blessed with seventeen visitors and three Masters in the Chair. A number of Brethren had travelled down from the Province of West Lancashire, to witness the Raising. As Brother Chris is a member of Wigan Lodge, but moved back to Derbyshire.

An enjoyable night was had by all who attended, and there was a great buzz at the Festive Board afterwards. Times are starting to fell a little more normal again.

A number of Officers and Visitors