Hartington conduct Raising on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326

Last night, Hartington Lodge No 1085 in the Province of Derbyshire, conducted a Raising for Brother Christopher Keresztury. This was carried out on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326, at Derbyshire Freemasons Hall.

Unfortunately a number of the members were unable to attend, due to illness, so a number of Officers stepped in to assist.

The Lodge was blessed with seventeen visitors and three Masters in the Chair. A number of Brethren had travelled down from the Province of West Lancashire, to witness the Raising. As Brother Chris is a member of Wigan Lodge, but moved back to Derbyshire.

An enjoyable night was had by all who attended, and there was a great buzz at the Festive Board afterwards. Times are starting to fell a little more normal again.

A number of Officers and Visitors

Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters

Last night saw Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters, host the 2022 Prestonian Lecture.

This years Lecture is entitled “The Royal Family and Freemasonry” by W. Bro. Dr. J. W. Hawkins PJGD.

The lecture travels through the years of Freemasonry, building links between the members of the Royal Family and the Craft in particular. It’s well worth a listen, if you’re able to go and hear this.

The Lodge has two Prestonian Lecturers, already members so Worshipful Brother Hawkins was in good hands!

Worshipful Brother Tony Harvey, Worshipful Brother John Hawkins and Worshipful Brother John Wade – all Prestonian Lecturers.
A selection of members from Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters.

Cornucopia Pass Hartington Brother

On Tuesday night 9 brethren from Hartington Lodge 1085 attended an emergency meeting of Cornucopia Lodge No 9925. To witness the dedication of the new provincial banner. An event that has not happened since 2002 we believe.

The Provincial team supporting the PGM looked splendid in their regalia as they processed in.

The PGM gave an explanation of the banner, how it came about and it’s symbolism after which the provincial Chaplin gave a reading and prayer.

After the dedication, cornucopia lodge then proceeded to pass our very own Bro. Dane Mullis on behalf of Hartington Lodge. The ceremony was very good and his answers to the necessary questions were exemplary, including an additional question given to him by another W.Bro when asked by the WM if anybody else had one to give!

The following festive board was busy and lively and a good time had by all.

Cornucopia and Hartington Lodge members

Saint Werburga No 4147 Centenary

Back in September unfortunately Hartington Lodge were unable to meet, due to a Provincial Meeting of the Knights Templar.

With this in mind a handful of our members decided to get their Freemasonry fix by attending the Centenary Meeting of Saint Werburga Lodge No 4147.

Hartington Lodge on tour

The members from Hartington Lodge were their Worshipful Master, One of their newest Initiates Eke, is Proposer and his Mentor.

The meeting was a wonderful occasion and very memorable for all who attended, including the Provincial Grand Master of Derbyshire, Steven Varley, who was presented with a signature book of the Lodge which included his family members, who had also been Master of Saint Werburga many years ago.

There were no less than four Provincial Grand Masters in attendance and here they are handing over the Centenary Warrant to the current Master.

The Magnificent Seven

Yesterday the Magnificent Seven, a team of seven intrepid explorers, ventured over the boarder into the neighbouring Province of Staffordshire. We were greeted by Royalty (in a Masonic sense), which consisted of both Derbyshire and Staffordshire’s Provincial Grand Masters. Staffordshire also had their Deputy Provincial Grand Master – David Thomas present, the brainchild behind this initiative and Derbyshire had their Assistant Provincial Grand Master – Martin Giles, who was willing to get involved with the walking!

The idea behind the walk, was to raise money for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Charities in the name of the Universities Scheme, something Hartington Lodge is very proud to be a part of. The aim is to walk 2021 miles in 2021, in the form of a relay, travelling through all Provinces with a University Scheme Lodge, visiting numerous Freemasons Halls.

The walkers and Support team were all treated to breakfast by Staffordshire and Derbyshire, where we tried oat cakes and breakfast fillings. We’re told they’re a local Staffordshire delicacy. Not bad at all, the tastiest pancakes we’d ever had!! Our PGM, opted for the lighter, healthier option and had a full English instead!

Time for a quick cuppa
Our PGM in his new Masonic-wear, tucking into his healthier breakfast!
Staffordshire’s local delicacy – pancakes
Chatting before breakfast
Our PGM in his new Provincial T-Shirt
Putting the world to rights

The David Kenneth Williamson cup was presented from Staffordshire Province to Derbyshire.

Derbyshire and Staffordshire’s Provincial Grand Masters passing the cup between Provinces
Derbyshires APGM and PGM with Staffordshire’s PGM and DPGM
Hartington Lodges Worshipful Master and University Scheme Representative with the team and DKW Cup.
Derby’s PGM, Hartington WM, University Lodge of Staffordshire IPM and Staffordshire PGM

The walkers set off, full of spirit on their 18 mile stroll! They ventured through glorious sunshine, heavy rain, thunder storms and were even graced by a rainbow!

Most of the walk was along minor roads
The magnificent seven lead by our Assistant Provincial Grand Master
Somewhere over the rainbow

There were times when we had to dodge tractors and articulated lorries, but this wasn’t a problem due to our diligent support team, warning the traffic of our presence.

One part of our support team, notifying traffic of our presence

After a short while we stepped foot on to hallowed ground and crossed the border into the Province of Derbyshire.

The team and Province border
Slight change on the team members, but still at the border

After a while, the walkers started getting thirsty, so a pub was in order! Our first was a sign for the Ostrich, however this was just a farm, with a sick sense of humour, leaving two empty kegs for us to admire!

A sock sense of humour

After a few more miles, we did find a pub, where we all enjoyed a quick pint!

The team outside The Horseshoes
Beers in The Horseshoes Garden

Another mile or so and we stumbled across another watering hole, so thought we’d pop in there for a drink!

Beers at The Bluebell
Beers at the Bluebell

After the beers, it was time to start pounding the Mile’s again and get this cup to the heart of Derbyshire Freemasonry.

A welcoming site, our University Scheme Representative stepping into his neck of the woods
Crossing the A38 on our final leg of the journey
Final leg home, crossing the A38

We arrived back at The Grange Banqueting Suite, at about 18:00, where we were greeted with a cold beer and a tasty curry.

The last six still standing outside Derbyshires Freemasons Hall

A representative from Daybrook Lodge from our other neighbouring Province of Nottinghamshire, was also there to greet us and take care of the cup, in its next leg of the walk.

Daybrook Lodge take delivery of the DKW cup from Peter Walklate, the Hartington Lodge University Scheme Representative

In total we walked about 38, 594 steps, which was about 19 miles. A great day was had by all who attended and a sum of money was raised for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Charities and the Derbyshire 2025 Festival.

Proof of steps

If anyone feels inclined to sponsor us, then please get in touch.

Hartington members swap their Aprons, for their tweed.

The other weekend, four of Hartington Lodges members, travelled North (and in one case south), to attend a simulated game day at Harboro Rocks Clay Shooting Ground.

The Hartington four

The day started with a cuppa, full English, safety briefing and drawing of pegs.


This was followed by some great shooting in the morning and then we had elevenses, which consisted of sausage rolls, sloe gin and gin and tonics!

One of Stewards in
Our Junior Warden AKA “Tommy Shelby”
Puss in Boots takes aim
Our Tyler and his Sloe Gin!
Our Junior Warden, seeing how it should be done!
Dinner is served

After dinner we had yet more shooting and a couple more fantastic drives!

Our Tyler during the action!
One of our Stewards in full swing!
Our Junior Warden in action.
Puss in Boots!

All-in-all, we had a great day and we will all be making a return visit.

Thanks Harboro Rocks, for your hospitality and your shooting.

One step closer………

And no we’re not talking about football! Although the football was on the cards when we met at The Grange Banqueting Suite for our July meeting.

It started off in the Lodge room, where we Passed Brother David Johnston to the degree of a Fellowcraft.

The ceremony was carried out in exemplary fashion adhering to the new Covid workings at all times.

Two more candidates were Proposed for Initiation and two more balloted for Initiation.

We then finished the evening in the bar, where out tables had been set for dinner, so we were able to watch the game! We were also accompanied by some of our candidates who are waiting to be Initiated and balloted.

Hartington’s first meeting back post lockdown

Last Wednesday saw Hartington Lodge No 1085’s first meeting back since October 2020.

The Lodge usually meeting in May, we were allowed to hold a late meeting and get on with some Business.

The Worshipful Master was Proclaimed in Office for another year and he Installed those Officers present.

We were also able to Propose a couple of Candidates, getting them ready to start their journey in Freemasonry.

We had a white table meal in the restaurant afterwards and had three Candidates with us, getting to know the members of the Lodge.

An enjoyable evening was had by those who were able to attend. It was great to be back!