Hartington conduct Raising on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326

Last night, Hartington Lodge No 1085 in the Province of Derbyshire, conducted a Raising for Brother Christopher Keresztury. This was carried out on behalf of Wigan Lodge No 2326, at Derbyshire Freemasons Hall.

Unfortunately a number of the members were unable to attend, due to illness, so a number of Officers stepped in to assist.

The Lodge was blessed with seventeen visitors and three Masters in the Chair. A number of Brethren had travelled down from the Province of West Lancashire, to witness the Raising. As Brother Chris is a member of Wigan Lodge, but moved back to Derbyshire.

An enjoyable night was had by all who attended, and there was a great buzz at the Festive Board afterwards. Times are starting to fell a little more normal again.

A number of Officers and Visitors

Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters

Last night saw Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters, host the 2022 Prestonian Lecture.

This years Lecture is entitled “The Royal Family and Freemasonry” by W. Bro. Dr. J. W. Hawkins PJGD.

The lecture travels through the years of Freemasonry, building links between the members of the Royal Family and the Craft in particular. It’s well worth a listen, if you’re able to go and hear this.

The Lodge has two Prestonian Lecturers, already members so Worshipful Brother Hawkins was in good hands!

Worshipful Brother Tony Harvey, Worshipful Brother John Hawkins and Worshipful Brother John Wade – all Prestonian Lecturers.
A selection of members from Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters.

Cornucopia Pass Hartington Brother

On Tuesday night 9 brethren from Hartington Lodge 1085 attended an emergency meeting of Cornucopia Lodge No 9925. To witness the dedication of the new provincial banner. An event that has not happened since 2002 we believe.

The Provincial team supporting the PGM looked splendid in their regalia as they processed in.

The PGM gave an explanation of the banner, how it came about and it’s symbolism after which the provincial Chaplin gave a reading and prayer.

After the dedication, cornucopia lodge then proceeded to pass our very own Bro. Dane Mullis on behalf of Hartington Lodge. The ceremony was very good and his answers to the necessary questions were exemplary, including an additional question given to him by another W.Bro when asked by the WM if anybody else had one to give!

The following festive board was busy and lively and a good time had by all.

Cornucopia and Hartington Lodge members